Be Honest On Your Applications

Posted on July 17, 2009. Filed under: admissions advice, college admissions, College Advice, college counseling, college essays, college news, college prep |

Whether you are filling out

the Common Application,

Universal Application

or the applications on the individual college websites, it is essential to remain truthful in your responses.

College Admission Officers can clearly see inconsistencies in reviewing applications. They can spot a student from a well educated family based on participation in extracurriculars, what high schools were attended, various recommendations, occupations of parents and sometimes test scores can be indicative as well. If college admission people see any divide, missing information or inconsistencies, it is possible for the student to be negatively effected come decision time.

If, however, the question on the application is optional, it does not need to be answered.  Such is the case on the Common Application for the ethnicity question.  Realize though that providing a last name and parent country of heritage, admissions committees can pretty much figure it out.  My best advice is to fill it in.

Most importantly is the message 17-18 year olds receive in completing these tasks. Stand out on your own strength and merits and emphasize them. Many of you have accomplished much and have valid, straightforward and honest things to report. Any discrepancy or untruth could be viewed as “gaming the system”.  Falsifying statements; intentionally misleading admission people or withholding information can easily backfire. Be complete in filling in your responses, but tell the truth!


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