Stand Out On Your Apps!

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Below are just some tips that can make you stand out on your college applications. These should be helpful as you navigate the maze of college admissions.

Let me know if you have any questions ~

Activity Resume

Provide depth & continuity in your activities – It’s not the number of things you do it’s the quality, the focus, the leadership and the demonstrated interest that counts

Review  Your High School Profile

Take a look to see what you high school offers and create a 4 year plan for yourself with challenging courses. Colleges like to see that you have taken the most difficult classes at your high school and have done well

Know Your High School Counselor & Teachers

These are the people who will write your college recommendations. If they know you, it is more likely they can write a thorough recommendation. Students who attend public high schools need to advocate for themselves as many high school counselors have 100’s of students to handle

Plan Campus Visits

If you can’t travel far, then visit colleges close to where you live.  In this way, you will learn what you like & what you don’t.  Attend information tours but leave time to go off on your own.  Visit the student union, a dorm, the rec center, the center of campus, a library, sit in on a class and talk to students if possible . Deciding what college to attend, will be easier come decision time.  Admission officers like to know that you have visited and remain in touch

College Rep Meetings

In addition to visits, another way to learn more about a college is to attend college representative meetings in your area during the fall months. You will have a chance to speak with admission representatives and get contact information so you can remain in touch. Attending these events demonstrates your interest in the college

Portray Yourself As A Diverse Individual

Choose different essay topics that can emphasize your various interests.  Show admission officers different sides of yourself

Your College List

Once you have your working college list it is important to learn as much as possible about your colleges. You may need to know some facts about a college during an interview.  Knowledge on the college can be useful when writing college essays too. A typical essay question asks why you are a good match for that school. Knowing specifics is impressive as it tells admission officers that you care enough to learn details about the college.

Schedule Interviews

If a college where you are applying offers an interview, sign up early and reserve your date.  Many colleges offer interviews all over the country.  So, you may not have to go to the college to get an interview.

Additional thoughts:

Budget for fees associated with the application process (Campus visits, standardized tests, counseling, application fees) in addition to financially preparing to pay for college

Remember that family support through the application process is important but it is the student’s process


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